About Immaculata Library

The website Immaculata Library is essentially an online library, with a focus on free content directed towards Catholics who want to grow in devotion.

The hope is to collect the free but invaluable writings of the Catholic Church and make them much more convenient and accessible in the digital age.

Timeless classics

The Catholic Church has wisely held up those perennially useful books which are fit to teach and guide all future generations on the path to Heaven.

This website contains a manually curated collection of such books, currently offering 187 books total.

Copyright free, at no price

Because their copyrights have expired, these classic books can now be offered as digital copies, free of charge to all posterity.

Despite being made freely available here, many of these books are still printed and sold today, totalling at least $500 among the Classics alone.

Movie reviews

There are a handful of Catholic movies which are very useful to increasing our devotion to Jesus and the Saints.

Although they cannot be offered for free, this website offers summaries, reviews, caveats, and helpful links for such movies, in a convenient centralized place online.

Other Catholic resources

Besides books and movies, other helpful Catholic resources are linked to and reviewed, such as the Audio Bible, links for Online Adoration, and a list of less-common prayers.