The Visitation of Mary is a source of blessings

August 9, 2021 • 2 min

From The Glories of Mary, page 436
By St. Alphonsus Liguori

Happy is that house esteemed which is visited by some royal personage, both for the honor it receives from him, and the advantages it hopes for; but more happy should that soul be called which is visited by the queen of the world, most holy Mary, who cannot but fill with mercies and graces those blessed souls whom she deigns to visit with her favors.

The house of Obededom was blessed when it was visited by the ark of the Lord: The Lord blessed his house. But with how much greater blessings are those persons enriched who receive some loving visit from this living ark of God, as was the divine mother! Happy that house which the mother of God visits, wrote Engelgrave.

This was experienced by the house of the Baptist, wherein scarcely had Mary entered, when she filled all that family with celestial graces and benedictions; and for this reason, the present feast of the Visitation is commonly called the feast of our Lady of graces.

We shall consider today, in the present discourse, how the divine mother is the treasurer of all graces. We shall divide the discourse into two points.

In the first, we shall prove that he who desires graces must have recourse to Mary.

In the second, that he who has recourse to Mary, should be certain of obtaining the graces that he desires.

These points will be posted as separate book snippets over the coming days.

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