Prayers and Resolutions to “Go to Joseph”

August 28, 2021 • 2 min

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From St. Joseph’s Life, Virtues, Privileges, Power, page 352
By Very Rev. Archdeacon Kinane, P.P.

Practical Resolution.

My good God! from the above reflection I clearly understand how powerful is the intercession of St. Joseph, and all that my great Saint can and will do for my salvation.

In my spiritual wants and in my temptation I neglected to “go to Joseph.” My Divine Saviour, I know Thou wilt not refuse the requests of St. Joseph, who loved Thee so tenderly on earth, who saved Thy very life, and supplied Thy wants and comforts.

I resolve, therefore, frequently and fervently to invoke the aid and prayers of St. Joseph to save me from sin, to help me in temptations, and to obtain for me the grace of a holy life and happy death.

Secondly, when I want a special favour, I resolve to go straight to St. Joseph and ask it of him, and to keep asking till I get it.


O my father, patron, and generous dispenser of everlasting riches, it is to thee I address my humble prayers for thy aid and protection. If God Himself says to me: “Go to Joseph,” it is because He has placed special graces in thy hands to dispense them to me. It is in thy powerful hands, O St. Joseph, I place my life and salvation. Be thou my support and my aid for the rest of my days. May my last words be, “Jesus, Mary, and Joseph.”

O holy father, St. Joseph, whose power is so great with Jesus, pray for me; adopt me as thy child; watch over my salvation; help me when I am tempted; keep me in God’s holy fear and love; be with me dying; and never abandon me until thou seest me safe in Paradise.

Jesus, my Blessed Saviour, grant me faith and confidence in the power and prayers of St. Joseph.


To-day, on bended knees, before an altar or statue of St. Joseph, firmly resolve, every day of thy life, to beg the prayers of St. Joseph for the grace of a holy life and a happy death.


O my great St. Joseph! pray for me when I am tempted to sin; pray for me to avoid the occasions of sin, and obtain for me a happy death and favourable judgment.

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