The bottomless pit of sin, and the way out

August 30, 2021 • 2 min

From The Spiritual Combat, page 108
By Dom Lorenzo Scupoli


The artifices employed by the Devil to complete the perdition of those he has drawn into sin.

When the Devil has entangled a soul in sin, all his artifices are employed to take off her thoughts from every thing capable of discovering to her the horrible state in which she is engaged.

Not content with stifling all inspirations from Heaven, and suggesting of wicked thoughts in their room, he endeavours to plunge her, by furnishing her with dangerous opportunities, into fresh crimes, either of the same or a more enormous nature.

Hence it is, that deprived of the light of Heaven, she heaps sins on sins, and hardens herself in iniquity.

Thus she wallows in the mire, and rushes from darkness to darkness, from one abyss to another, always flying further from the way of salvation, and multiplying relapse upon relapse, unless supported by an extraordinary grace from Heaven.

The most efficacious remedy against this evil, is to receive without the least resistance the divine inspirations, which will recall her from darkness to light, from vice to virtue; let her cry out with great fervour, Lord assist me! Haste to my relief! Suffer me not to remain any longer in the shades of sin and death!

These, and the like ejaculations, must be often repeated, and if it can be done, let her have immediate recourse to her director for his advice against the assaults of the enemy.

If this is not feasible, let her prostrate herself before a crucifix. Let her invoke the Queen of Heaven, and implore her compassion and assistance.

For she may be assured, that the victory entirely depends on exerting herself with great diligence, as we shall see in the following chapter.

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