A Word to Virgins.

September 5, 2021 • 1 min

From Introduction to the Devout Life, page 217
By St. Francis de Sales

O virgins, I have only three words to say to you, for the rest you will find elsewhere.

If you [procure] a temporal marriage, be careful to keep your first love for your first husband. In my opinion, it is a great deceit to present, instead of an entire and sincere heart, a heart quite worn away, spoiled, and tired out in love.

But if your happiness calls you to the pure and virginal espousals of Christ, and that you desire to preserve for ever your virginity, in the name of God keep your love with all possible diligence for your Divine Spouse, who, being purity itself, loves nothing so much as purity, and to whom are due the first-fruits of all things, but principally those of our love.

St. Jerome’s epistles will furnish you with all advice necessary for you; and as your condition obliges you to obedience, choose a guide, under whose direction you may, in a more holy manner, dedicate your heart and body to his Divine Majesty.

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