The Writings of some Saints on the Heavenly Glory of Mary

September 17, 2021 • 2 min

From The Glories of Mary, page 509
By St. Alphonsus Liguori

Thus as the splendor of the sun exceeds the splendor of all stars united, so, says St. Basil, the glory of the divine mother exceeds that of all the blessed.

And St. Peter Damian adds, that as the light of the stars and of the moon disappears as if they were not, at the rising of the sun, thus Mary so far obscures in glory the splendor of men and angels, that as it were, these do not appear in heaven.

Whence St. Bernardino of Sienna agrees with St. Bernard in asserting that the blessed participate in part in the divine glory, but that the Virgin, in a certain manner, has been so enriched with it, that it seems no creature could be more united with God than is Mary.

Which is confirmed by the blessed Albertus Magnus, when he says that our queen contemplates God very near incomparably more so than all the other celestial spirits.

And the above-named St. Bernardine says, moreover, that as the other planets are illuminated by the sun, so all the blessed receive greater light and joy from the sight of Mary.

And in another place he likewise asserts, that the mother of God, ascending to heaven, increased the joy of all its inhabitants.

Hence St. Peter Damian says, that the blessed have no greater glory in heaven, after God, than to enjoy the presence of that most beautiful queen.

And St. Bonaventure: Next to God, our greatest glory and our greatest joy is from Mary.

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