Eighth Meditation: On Heaven

October 4, 2021 • 4 min

From Introduction to the Devout Life, page 30
By St. Francis de Sales


Eighth Meditation.—On Heaven.


  1. Place yourself in the presence of God.
  2. Beseech Him to inspire you with his grace.


  1. Imagine a beautiful and clear night, and think how pleasant it is to behold the sky, all spangled with such a multitude and variety of stars. Add now to this exquisite beauty the delights of just as lovely a day, so that the brightness of the sun may no ways hinder the lustre of the stars or moon: and then say boldly that all this put together is nothing in comparison with the radiant beauty of that great Paradise. Oh, how this lovely place is to be desired! Oh, how precious is this city?

  2. Consider the glory, beauty, and multitude of the inhabitants in that blessed country; those millions of millions of angels, cherubim, and seraphim; armies of apostles, prophets, martyrs, confessors, virgins, and holy matrons: their number is innumerable. How blessed is this company! the meanest of them is more beautiful to behold than all the world;—what a sight then will it be to see them all! But, O my God, how happy are they!—they sing continually harmonious songs of eternal love; they enjoy for ever a constant mirth; they interchange one with another unspeakable delights, and live in the comfort of a happy and indissoluble society.

  3. In fine, to consider how blessed they are in enjoying God, who rewards them for ever with his glorious aspect, and by it infuses into their hearts such treasures of delight; how great a happiness is it to be united everlastingly to their Maker? They are like happy birds flying and singing perpetually in the atmosphere of his divinity, which encompasses them on all sides with inconceivable pleasure. There everyone does his best, and, without envy, sings the Creator’s praise. Blessed be Thou for ever, O sweet and sovereign Creator and Redeemer, who art so bountiful to us, and dost communicate to us so liberally the everlasting treasures of thy glory. Blessed be ye for ever, says He, my beloved creatures, who have so faithfully served me, and who now shall praise me everlastingly with so great love and courage.


  1. Admire and praise his heavenly country: O how beautiful art thou, heavenly Jerusalem, and how happy are thy inhabitants.

  2. Reproach your heart with the little courage it has had hitherto, in wandering so far from the road that leads to this glorious habitation: Oh, why have I so far strayed from my Sovereign Good? Ah! wretch that I am, for these foolish and trivial pleasures I have a thousand times forsaken eternal and infinite delights! was I mad to despise such precious blessings, for such vain, contemptible affections?

  3. Aspire, notwithstanding, with fervour to this delicious habitation: O my gracious God, since it has pleased Thee at length to direct my wandering steps into the right way, never hereafter will I turn back. Let us go, my soul, let us go to this eternal repose; let us walk towards this blessed land, which is promised us. Why should we remain in this Egypt? I will therefore disburden myself of all such things as may divert me from or retard me in so happy a journey; I will perform all things that may conduct me to it.

Give thanks; make an offering; pray. Pater, Ave, Credo.

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