An Example of Meditating on Christ’s Passion

October 7, 2021 • 2 min

From The Spiritual Combat, page 169
By Dom Lorenzo Scupoli


Of Meditation.

When a long time is to be employed in prayer, as half an hour, an hour, or even more, it is advisable to form a meditation on some part of our Saviour’s life or passion, and apply the reflections naturally arising from thence, to that particular virtue we are endeavouring to attain.

If you stand in need of patience, contemplate the mystery of your Saviour scourged at the pillar. Think:

  1. How the soldiers, being ordered to bring him to the place appointed, dragged him thither with loud cries and bitter scoffs.

  2. How being stripped of his garments, he was exposed to the piercing cold.

  3. How his innocent hands were bound tight to the pillar.

  4. How his body was torn with whips, till the blood flowed in streams to the ground.

  5. How the strokes being often repeated on the same part, increased and renewed his wounds.

While you dwell on these, or the like particulars, proper to inspire you with the love of patience, endeavour to feel interiorly, in the most lively manner, the inexpressible anguish your divine Master endured all over his body.

From thence pass to the cruel pangs his blessed soul endured, and endeavour to conceive the patience and mildness with which he suffered, ever ready to undergo even more for his Father’s glory, and your good.

After this behold him covered with blood, and be assured, that he desires nothing more earnestly than that you bear your affliction with patience; and that he implores his heavenly Father’s assistance for enabling you to bear with resignation, not only this cross, but all others for the future.

Strengthen with repeated acts, the resolution you have taken of suffering with joy; then, raising your mind to heaven, give thanks to the Father of mercies, who vouchsafed to send his only Son into the world, to suffer such horrible torments, and to intercede for you.

Conclude with beseeching him to give you the virtue of patience, through the merits and intercession of this beloved Son in whom he is well pleased.

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