A profession of renewed loyalty toward God, to be made after a General Confession

October 8, 2021 • 4 min

From Introduction to the Devout Life, page 38
By St. Francis de Sales


Protestation from the soul to God to strengthen it in a firm resolution to serve Him, and to conclude the Acts of Penance.

I, the undersigned, placed in the presence of the Eternal God, and of all the court of heaven, having considered the exceeding mercy of his divine goodness towards me, most unworthy and wretched creature, whom He has created out of nothing; preserved, sustained, and delivered from so many dangers, and loaded with so many benefits; but, above all, having considered the incomprehensible sweetness and clemency wherewith this most good God has so graciously spared me in my iniquities; so frequently inspired me, inviting me to amendment, and so patiently awaited my repentance and conversion until this (N.) year of my age, notwithstanding all my ingratitude, disloyalty, and infidelity: on which account, deferring my conversion, and despising his graces, I have so unadvisedly offended Him.

Having, moreover, considered that on the day of my holy baptism I was happily and holily given up and dedicated to my God, to be his child, and that, contrary to the profession then made in my name, I have so often, so execrably and detestably profaned and violated my understanding, applying and employing it against his Divine Majesty.

At length, returning to myself, prostrate in heart and mind before the throne of Divine Justice, I acknowledge, confess, and avow myself lawfully attainted and convicted of high treason against his Divine Majesty, and guilty of the death and passion of Jesus Christ, by reason of the sins I have committed, for which He died and suffered the torments of the cross; so that, consequently, I deserve to be cast away, and damned for ever.

But turning towards the throne of the infinite mercy of the same Eternal God, having detested from the bottom of my heart, and with all my power, the transgressions of my past life, I most humbly beg and crave pardon, grace, and mercy, with full absolution from my offences, by virtue of the death and passion of the same Saviour and Redeemer of my soul, relying on which, as the only foundation of my hope, I confirm again and renew the sacred profession of the allegiance promised on my behalf to God at my baptism, renouncing the devil, the world, and the flesh, abominating their horrible suggestions, vanities, and concupiscences, during the entire of this present life, and for all eternity.

I desire and resolve irrevocably to serve and love God now and for ever; and to this end I give and consecrate to Him my mind with all its faculties, my soul with all its power, my heart with all its affections, and my body with all its senses, protesting never more to use any part of my being in opposition to his divine will and sovereign Majesty, to whom I offer up and sacrifice myself in spirit, to be perpetually a loyal, obedient, and faithful subject, without ever unsaying, revoking, or repenting of my having made this resolution.

But if, alas! by the suggestion of my enemy, or through human frailty, I chance to transgress in anything whatsoever against this vow and resolution, I protest and determine from this very hour, by the assistance of the Holy Ghost, to rise again as soon as I shall perceive my fall, and to return anew to the divine mercy, without any delay or hesitation whatsoever. This is my will, intention, and resolution, inviolable and irrevocable, which I ratify and confirm, without reservation or exception, in the same sacred presence of my God, and in the sight of the triumphant Church and of the Church Militant, my mother, who hears this my declaration in the presence of him who, as her minister, now listens to me.

Let it please Thee, O almighty and eternal God, Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, to confirm me in this resolution, and to accept this offering of my heart and soul in the odour of sweetness. And as it has pleased Thee to give me the inspiration and will to do this, so grant me power and grace to perform it. O my God, Thou art my God. God of my heart, and God of my soul; so I acknowledge and adore Thee, now and evermore. Live, O Jesus!

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