A method of Prayer grounded on the intercession of our Blessed Lady

October 8, 2021 • 3 min

From The Spiritual Combat, page 172
By Dom Lorenzo Scupoli


A method of Prayer grounded on the intercession of our Blessed Lady.

Besides the methods of meditation already mentioned, there is another which is addressed particularly to the blessed, Virgin. First, represent to yourself the eternal Father, then Jesus Christ our Lord, and lastly his ever blessed Mother.

With regard to the eternal Father, you are to consider two things. The first is, that singular affection he had from all eternity to this most chaste Virgin, even before he had drawn her out of nothing. The second is, that eminent sanctity he was pleased to bestow on her, and all the virtues she practised during her whole life.

Concerning the first you must begin with raising your mind above all created beings; anticipate all time, launch into the vast expanse of eternity, enter into the heart of God, and see with what delight he viewed in futurity the person he appointed to be the mother of his Son; beseech him by that delight to give you sufficient strength against your enemies, especially those who press hardest upon you.

Then contemplate the virtues and heroic actions of this incomparable Virgin; make an offering of them all, or of each one singly to God, making a merit of them towards obtaining of the divine goodness whatever your necessities may require.

After this address yourself to Jesus, and beg of him to be mindful of that amiable mother, who for nine months carried him in her womb, and from the first instant of his birth paid him the most profound adoration, in acknowledgment of his being at once God and man, her Creator and Son; who with great compassion saw him poorly accommodated in a stable, nourished him with her pure milk, kissed and embraced him a thousand times with maternal fondness, and through his whole life, and even at his death, suffered for him beyond expression. Lay all this so strongly before him, that he may be compelled, as it were, by such powerful motives, to hear your prayers.

Lastly, apply to the blessed Virgin herself, say, that Providence destined her from all eternity to be the Mother of Mercy, and refuge of sinners: and consequently, that after her Divine Son, you place your greatest confidence in her intercession.

Represent to her what so many learned men have asserted, and what has been confirmed by so many miraculous events, that no one ever called upon her with a lively faith, without experiencing her assistance.

In fine, represent to her the sufferings of her Son for your salvation, that she may obtain of him the grace necessary for making a right use of it to the greater glory of that amiable Saviour.

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