Annual Retreat Exercise #1: How all Heaven rejoices at our renewed pledge to God

October 15, 2021 • 1 min

From Introduction to the Devout Life, page 264
By St. Francis de Sales

Consider to whom you have made this protestation; for it is to God. If our word given to men bind us strictly, how much more so those we have given to God. “It is to Thee, O Lord,” said David, “my heart hath spoken it, my heart hath sent forth this good word. Oh! I will never forget it.” (Ps. xliv.)

Consider that you made this protestation in the presence of the whole court of heaven. Yes, your patron saint and all that blessed company beheld you, and their breasts heaved with emotions of joy and exultation at your words: they saw, with the eyes of unspeakable love, your heart prostrate at the feet of your Saviour, consecrating itself to his service.

As there was a particular joy on that occasion in the heavenly Jerusalem, so there will be now a commemoration of the same, if with a sincere heart you renew your resolutions.

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