Annual Retreat Exercise #1: God in his goodness and sweet love called us to repentance

October 16, 2021 • 1 min

From Introduction to the Devout Life, page 264
By St. Francis de Sales

Consider by what means you were induced to make your protestation. Ah! how good and gracious was God to you at that time?

Oh, tell me sincerely were you not invited to it by the sweet attractions of the Holy Ghost? Were not the ropes wherewith God drew your boat to that blessed haven composed of love and charity?

How earnestly did He seek to attract you thereto by the delicious sweetness of his grace in the sacraments, spiritual reading, and prayer.

Alas! Philothea, you were asleep whilst God watched: He thought over your soul thoughts of peace, and meditated in your favour meditations of love.

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