Examples of changes in a soul by the grace of God

October 17, 2021 • 2 min

From The Sinner’s Guide, page 285
By Venerable Louis of Granada

If, like the Apostle St. Thomas, you are still incredulous and ask for farther proof, I will not deny it. Take, for example, a man who has led a wicked life, but who has finally turned to God by the power of grace.

Such a man will be an excellent judge in this matter, for he has not only heard of these two lives, but he has experienced them. Ask him which he found the sweeter. He will tell you of the marvels effected in the depths of his soul by grace.

There is nothing in the world more astonishing, no more interesting spectacle, than that afforded by the action of grace upon the soul of a just man.

How it transforms him, sustains him, strengthens him, and comforts him!

How it subdues and governs him exteriorly and interiorly!

How it alters his affections, making him love what he formerly abhorred, and abhor what he formerly loved!

How strong it makes him in combat!

What peace it gives him!

What light it pours into his soul to enable him to learn God’s will, to realize the vanity of the world, and to set a true value on the spiritual blessings which he formerly despised!

And still more wonderful is the short space of time in which these great changes are made. It is not necessary to spend long years in study, or to wait until old age helps us by experience.

Men in the fire of youth are sometimes so changed in the space of a few days that they hardly seem the same beings. Hence St. Cyprian says that the sinner finds himself converted even before he has learned how to bring about such a change, for it is the work of grace, which needs neither study nor time, but which acts in an instant, like a spiritual charm.

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