We ought to be persuaded by obligation, benefits, interest, and pursuit of happiness, to seek after God

October 27, 2021 • 1 min

From The Sinner’s Guide, page 314
By Venerable Louis of Granada

Do you desire any other motive to persuade you to follow this wise example and embrace so great a good?

If you consider obligation, can there be any greater than the obligation which binds us to serve God because of what He is in Himself? We have already shown you that all other obligations compared to this are as if they did not exist.

If you can be moved by benefits, what benefits are comparable to those you have received from God? Besides the grand benefits of creation and redemption, have you any good of soul or body that is not from Him?

If interest be your aim, what greater could you have than to avoid eternal misery and gain eternal joy?

If you aspire to happiness in this life, what happiness equals that of the just? The least of the privileges of virtue which we have described affords more true happiness than the possession of all the treasures of the world.

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