We must strive to maintain or at least restore our purity by resisting Lust

November 11, 2021 • 1 min

From The Sinner’s Guide, page 348
By Venerable Louis of Granada

Virginity not only renders man like unto Christ, but makes him the temple of the Holy Spirit. For this Divine Lover of purity abhors whatever is defiled, and delights to dwell in chaste souls.

The Son of God, Who was conceived of the Holy Ghost, so loved purity that He wrought His greatest miracle to preserve the purity of His Virgin Mother.

If you have suffered the loss of this beautiful virtue, learn from the temptations which wrought the evil to guard against a second fall. If you have not preserved the gift of chastity in the perfection in which God gave it to you, endeavor to restore the beauty of the Creator’s work by giving yourself to His service with a zeal and fervor born of deep gratitude for forgiven sin, and with an ardent desire to repair the past.

“It often happens,” says St. Gregory, “that one who was tepid and indifferent before his fall becomes, through repentance, a strong and fervent soldier of Christ.” [“Past.,” p. 1.]

Finally, since God continued to preserve your life after you had so basely offended Him, profit by this benefit to serve Him and make reparation for your sins, lest another fall should be irremediable.

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