To guard against Lust, remember your Guardian Angel, the Devil, your final Judgment, and Hell

November 12, 2021 • 1 min

From The Sinner’s Guide, page 350
By Venerable Louis of Granada

In ail temptations, but particularly in temptations against purity, remember the presence of your guardian Angel and of the devil, your accuser, for they both witness all your actions, and will render an account of them to Him Who sees and judges all things.

If you follow this counsel, how can you, before your accuser, your defender, and your Judge, commit a base sin, for which you would blush before the lowest of men?

Remember also the terrible tribunal of God’s judgment and the eternal flames of hell; for as a greater pain makes us insensible to a less, so the thought of the inexhaustible fire of hell will render us insensible to the fire of concupiscence.

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