People who make excuses to continue in sin do so because they just want to sin

December 1, 2021 • 2 min

From The Sinner’s Guide, page 237
By Venerable Louis of Granada



The considerations offered in the preceding chapters should be more than sufficient to excite men to the love and practice of virtue.

However, sinners never seem to be in want of excuses to defend their loose lives.

“A sinful man,” says the Scripture, “will flee reproof, and will find an excuse according to his will.” [Ecclus. xxxii. 21.]

“He that hath a mind to depart from a friend seeketh occasions.” [Prov. xvii. 1.]

Thus the wicked, who flee reproach, who wish to withdraw from God, are never without an excuse.

Some defer this important affair of salvation to an indefinite future; others till the hour of death.

Many allege that it is too difficult and arduous an undertaking.

Many presume upon God’s mercy, persuading themselves that they can be saved by faith and hope without charity.

Others, in fine, who are enslaved by the pleasures of the world, are unwilling to sacrifice them for the happiness which God promises.

These are the snares most frequently employed by Satan to allure men to sin, and to keep them in its bondage until death surprises them.

At present we intend to answer those who defer their conversion, alleging that they can turn to God more efficaciously at another time.

With this excuse was St. Augustine kept back from a virtuous life. “Later, Lord,” he cried—“later I will abandon the world and sin.”

It will not be difficult to prove that this is a ruse of the father of lies, whose office since the beginning of the world has been to deceive man.

We know with certainty that there is nothing which a Christian should desire more earnestly than salvation.

It is equally certain that to obtain it the sinner must change his life, since there is no other possible means of salvation.

Therefore, all that remains for us is to decide when this amendment should begin.

You say, at a future day. I answer, at this present moment.

You urge that later it will be easier. I insist that it will be easier now.

Let us see which of us is right.

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