If we wait to turn to God until later, our sins will be even heavier

December 7, 2021 • 1 min

From The Sinner’s Guide, page 241
By Venerable Louis of Granada

Can you, then, doubt that you only increase the difficulties of your conversion by deferring it?

Do you think that the more numerous your crimes the easier it will be to obtain a pardon?

Do you think that it will be easier to effect a cure when the disease will have become chronic?

“A long sickness is troublesome to the physician, but a short one”—that is, one which is taken in the beginning—“is easily cut off.” [Ecclus. x. 11, 12.]

Hear how an Angel disabused a holy solitary of an illusion like yours: Taking him by the hand, he led him into a field and showed him a man gathering fagots.

Finding the bundle he had collected too heavy, the wood-cutter began to add to it; and perceiving that he was still less able to lift it, he continued to add to the quantity, imagining that he would thus carry it more easily.

The holy man wondering at what he saw, the Angel said to him: Such is the folly of men, who, unable to remove the present burden of their sins, continue to add to it sin after sin, foolishly supposing that they will more easily lift a heavier burden in the future.

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