Advice for drinking alcohol and against using drugs

December 15, 2021 • 2 min

From The Sinner’s Guide, page 402
By Venerable Louis of Granada

Though this great prudence is necessary in eating, how much more is required in drinking!

There is nothing more injurious to chastity than the excessive use of wine, in which, as the Apostle says, there is luxury. [Ephes. v. 18.]

It is at all times the capital enemy of this angelic virtue; but it is particularly in youth that such indulgence is most fatal. Hence St. Jerome says that wine and youth are two incentives to impurity, [Ad Eustoch. de. Cust. Virg.]

Wine is to youth what fuel is to fire. As oil poured upon the flames only increases their intensity, so wine, like a violent conflagration, heats the blood, enkindling and exciting the passions to the highest pitch of folly and madness.

Witness the excesses into which man is led by hatred, love, revenge, and other passions, when stimulated by intoxicating liquors. The natural effect of this fatal indulgence is to counteract all the results of the moral virtues. These subdue and control the baser passions, but wine excites and urges them to the wildest licentiousness.

Judge, therefore, with what vigilance you should guard against the attacks of such an enemy.

Remember, too, that by wine is meant every kind of drink capable of robbing man of the use of his reason or his senses.

A philosopher has wisely said that the vine bears three kinds of grapes: one for necessity, one for pleasure, and one for folly. In other words, wine taken with moderation supports our weakness; beyond this limit it only flatters the senses; and drunk to excess it produces a species of madness.

Heed no inspiration or thought which you have reason to think is excited by wine, the worst of evil counsellors.

Avoid with equal care all disputes or arguments at table, for they are often the beginning of grave quarrels.

Be no less moderate in speech than in the indulgence of your appetite; for, as Holy Scripture tells us, “there is no secret where drunkenness reigneth.” [Prov. xxxi. 4.]

We shall find rather unbridled tongues, immoderate laughter, vulgar jokes, violent disputes, the revelation of secrets, and many other unhappy consequences of intemperance.

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