How Jesus rewards virtue a hundred-fold even in this life

December 19, 2021 • 3 min

From The Sinner’s Guide, page 127
By Venerable Louis of Granada

As a farther proof of what has been said I will add the remarkable words uttered by our Saviour when St. Peter asked what reward they would have for leaving all things for love of Him: “Amen I say unto you, there is no man who hath left house, or brethren, or sisters, or father, or mother, or children, or lands for my sake and for the Gospel, who shall not receive a hundred times as much now in this time, and in the world to come life everlasting” [St. Mark x. 29, 30.]

Mark how explicitly the rewards of this life and the next are distinguished. Nor can we doubt these words, for they are those of Him who has said: “Heaven and earth shall pass away, but My words shall not pass away.”

And what is this hundred-fold which the just receive in this life? Honors, riches, titles, and dignities are not their portion; the greater number of the just lead hidden, obscure lives, forgotten by the world and overwhelmed with infirmities.

How, then, does God fulfil His infallible promise to give them a hundred-fold even in this life? Ah! it is not with the perishable goods of this world that He will reward His servants. Joy and peace and happiness are the spiritual treasures with which the liberality of our God enriches those who love Him.

These are the blessings which the world does not know, and which the wealth of the world can never buy. And how fitting this is; for as man does not live by bread alone, so the craving of his soul cannot be satisfied by anything short of spiritual blessings.

Study the lives of the Saints, and you will see that they have received the hundred-fold promised in this life.

In exchange for the false riches which they forsook, they received true riches which they can bear with them to eternity.

For the turmoil and conflicts of the world they received that “peace which surpasseth all understanding.”

Their tears, their fasting, and their prayers brought them more joy and consolation than they could ever hope to obtain from the fleeting pleasures of this life.

If, then, you have forsaken an earthly father for love of God, your Heavenly Father will receive you as His child, and make you His heir to an everlasting inheritance.

If you have despised earthly pleasures for love of Him, He will fill you with the incomparable sweetness of heavenly consolations.

The eyes of your soul will be opened, and you will love and cherish what formerly affrighted you. What was formerly bitter will become sweet, and, enlightened by grace, you will see the emptiness of worldly joys, and you will learn to relish the delights of God’s love.

Thus does He manifest His merciful goodness; thus does He fulfil His promise to us.

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