Three Ways to Get More Prudence

December 24, 2021 • 2 min

From The Sinner’s Guide, page 421
By Venerable Louis of Granada

Section XI.

Means of Acquiring this Virtue.

Not the least important means of acquiring this virtue is the experience of our own failures and the success of others, from which we may gather wise lessons of prudence.

For this reason the past is said to be a wise counsellor, for today learns from yesterday.

“What is it that hath been? The same thing that shall be. What is it that hath been done? The same that shall be done.” [Eccles. i. 9.]

But a still more efficacious means of becoming prudent is humility, for pride is the greatest obstacle to this virtue.

“Where pride is, there also shall be reproach,” the Holy Ghost tells us; “but where humility is, there also is wisdom.” [Prov. xi. 2.]

And throughout the Scriptures we are frequently reminded that God instructs the humble and reveals His secrets to the lowly.

Humility, however, does not require us to yield blindly to all opinions or indiscreetly to follow every counsel.

This is not humility, but weakness and instability, against which the author of Eeclesiasticus warns us: “Be not lowly in thy wisdom, lest being humble thou be deceived into folly.” [Ecclus. xiii. 11.]

By this we should understand that a man must resolutely maintain the truth and vigorously support justice, not allowing himself to be carried away by contrary opinions.

Finally, devout and humble prayer will afford us powerful aid in acquiring the virtue of prudence.

For the principal office of the Holy Ghost being to enlighten the understanding with the gifts of knowledge, wisdom, and counsel, the greater the humility and devotion with which we present ourselves before this Divine Spirit, the greater will be the grace we shall receive.

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