Those who have God have everything

December 27, 2021 • 2 min

From The Sinner’s Guide, page 139
By Venerable Louis of Granada

What are all the promises of the world compared to the assurance and hopes contained in these blessed titles?

How much reason have they to rejoice who are the objects of the love of which the Scriptures speak in such beautiful terms!

“Be glad in the Lord,” says the prophet, “and rejoice, ye just; and glory, all ye right of heart!” [Ps. xxxi. 11.]

Yes, let others rejoice in honors, in riches, or in dignities; but you who possess God for your portion enjoy an inheritance which exceeds all other blessings as far as God exceeds all created things.

“They have called the people happy,” says the Psalmist, “that hath these things; but happy is that people whose God is the Lord.” [Ps. cxliii. 15.]

Why, O prophet? Because in possessing God all things are possessed. Therefore, though I am a king and the ruler of a great nation, I will glory only in the Lord. How, then, can men refuse to serve Him who is the Source of all blessings?

“What iniquity have your fathers found in Me,” God asks by the mouth of His prophet, “that they are gone far from Me, and have walked after vanity, and are become vain? Am I become a wilderness to Israel, or a lateward springing land?” [Jer. ii. 5, 31.]

If God complain so bitterly of the ingratitude of a people who had received from Him but temporal favors, how much more reason has He to reproach us, upon whom He has lavished so many spiritual and divine blessings!

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