Zeal for the Glory of God

January 1, 2022 • 1 min

From The Sinner’s Guide, page 433
By Venerable Louis of Granada

Section V.

Zeal for the Glory of God.

Zeal consists in promoting the honor of God and striving to advance the fulfilment of His will on earth, even as it is accomplished in Heaven.

If we love God we cannot but be pierced with grief to behold so many not only neglecting to obey His holy will, but even acting in a manner directly opposed to it.

Full of this zeal was David when he cried out: “The zeal of Thy house hath eaten me up.” [Ps. lxviii. 10.]

Strive to imitate him, doing what you can by word and example, as well as by prayer, to increase the honor of God through the salvation of souls.

Thus may you hope to receive that mark, mentioned by the prophet, which will sign you as one of the elect of God. [Ezech. ix. iv.]

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