Obedience to God’s Counsels

January 4, 2022 • 2 min

From The Sinner’s Guide, page 437
By Venerable Louis of Granada

Section IX.


Obedience is a virtue which renders us most pleasing to God, for it embraces the perfection of justice.

We distinguish in this virtue three degrees;

  1. the first is obedience to the commandments of God,
  2. the second to His counsels,
  3. the third to His inspirations.

The first is absolutely necessary for salvation; the second facilitates the observance of the commandments, for if we neglect the counsels, as far as our state permits, we risk violating the precepts.

  • If, for instance, you avoid needlessly affirming the truth with an oath, you will more easily escape perjury.

  • If you avoid all contentions you will assuredly secure peace and charity.

  • If you renounce your own worldly possessions you will not be tempted to covet those of your neighbor.

  • If you return good for evil you will be saved from the passion of revenge.

Thus we see that the counsels form the bulwarks which guard the commandments. If you would make your salvation secure do not be satisfied with observing the commandments only, but add the practice of the counsels as far as your state will admit.

In traversing a rapid river you do not cross it in a direct line, for you would be borne beyond the place at which you wish to land. You go higher up the stream to have the advantage of the tide, and thus secure a safe passage to the point at which you desire to embark.

Do likewise in spiritual things. Aim higher than is necessary, so that if you fail you may at least reach the mark of what is indispensable for salvation.

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