A clear conscience and its effects helps free us from slavery to sin

January 27, 2022 • 1 min

From The Sinner’s Guide, page 193
By Venerable Louis of Granada

A second source of this liberty is the joy of a good conscience and the spiritual consolations experienced by the just.

These so satisfy man’s thirst for happiness that he can easily resist the grosser pleasures of the flesh. Having found the fountain of all happiness, he desires no other pleasures.

As our Saviour Himself declared, “Whoever will drink of the water that He will give him shall thirst no more.” [St. John iv. 13.]

St. Gregory thus develops this text:

He who has experienced the sweetness of the spiritual life rejects the objects of his sensual love. He generously disposes of his treasures. His heart is inflamed with a desire for heavenly things. He sees but deformity in the beauty which formerly allured him. His heart is filled with the water of life, and, therefore, he has no thirst for the fleeting pleasures of the world. He finds the Lord of all things, and thus, in a measure, he becomes the master of all things, for in this one Good every other good is contained.

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