Our obligates or offenses against God are infinitely more than those against men

February 16, 2022 • 1 min

#BibleCommentary #Doctrine #Morals

From The Sinner’s Guide, page 24
By Venerable Louis of Granada

Here, then, is the first motive which obliges us to love and serve God. This is an obligation so great that compared to it all obligations to creatures, whatever their excellence or perfections, are only obligations in name.

For as the perfections of creatures are mere imperfections compared with the perfections of God, so the obligations resulting therefrom cannot with justice be considered obligations when contrasted with those which we owe to God.

Nor can our offences against the creature be regarded as offences, except in name, when we remember the guilt we have incurred by our many sins against God.

For this reason David cried out: “Against Thee only, O God! have I sinned,” though he had sinned against Urias, whom he murdered; against the wife of Urias, whom he dishonored; and against his subjects, whom he scandalized.

The penitent king knew that his offences against creatures, notwithstanding their different degrees of deformity, could not equal the enormity of his revolt against God. For God being infinite, our obligations towards Him and our offences against Him are in a measure infinite.

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