Whoever says they received life from nature is only giving God another name

February 22, 2022 • 1 min

From The Sinner’s Guide, page 31
By Venerable Louis of Granada

But perhaps you will urge that these benefits common to all seem the work of nature rather than graces emanating from God; and why, you ask, should I be grateful for the general order which reigns in the world, and because things follow their natural course?

This objection is unworthy of a Christian, of a pagan, of any but an unreasonable animal. Hear how the same philosopher answers it: “You will say, perhaps, that you receive all these benefits from nature. Senseless man! in saying this you but change the name of God, your Benefactor. For what is nature but God Himself, the first and original nature? Therefore, it is no excuse, ungrateful man, to urge that you are indebted, not to God, but to nature; for without God there is no nature. Were you to receive a benefit from Lucius Seneca you would not dare to say that you were indebted to Lucius and not to Seneca. Such a subterfuge would change your benefactor’s name, but would by no means cancel your obligation to him.”

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