By justifying us, God spared us from the many pains of Hell we deserved

March 13, 2022 • 1 min

#Exhortation #Doctrine #Hell

From The Sinner’s Guide, page 58
By Venerable Louis of Granada

Another blessing flowing from justification is our deliverance from the eternal pains of hell.

Having driven God from him by sin; having despised His love, man in his turn is justly rejected by God.

Inordinate love for creatures led him away from the Creator, and, therefore, it is but just that these same creatures should be the instruments of his punishment.

Therefore, he was condemned to the eternal pains of hell, compared to which the sufferings of this life are so light that they appear more imaginary than real.

Add to these torments the undying worm which unceasingly gnaws the conscience of the sinner.

What shall I say of his society, demons of perversity and reprobate men?

Consider also the confusion and darkness of this terrible abode, where there is no rest, no joy, no peace, no hope, but eternal rage and blasphemies, perpetual weeping and ceaseless gnashing of teeth.

Behold the torments from which God delivers those whom He justifies.

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