By justifying a soul, God not only imparts immeasurable beauty, strength and other gifts to it, but even dwells Himself within it

March 16, 2022 • 3 min

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From The Sinner’s Guide, page 61
By Venerable Louis of Granada

This renewal of the inner man is so powerful, so true, that in baptism it is called regeneration, in penance resurrection; not only because it restores the soul from death of sin to the life of grace, but because it is an anticipation of the last glorious resurrection.

No tongue can express the beauty of a justified soul; only the Holy Spirit, Who is pleased to dwell therein, can tell the sweetness, loveliness, and strength with which He has enriched her.

The beauty, the power, the riches of earth fade into insignificance before the unspeakable beauty of a soul in a state of grace. As far as heaven is above earth, as far as mind is above matter, so far does the life of grace exceed that of nature, so far does the invisible beauty of a soul exceed the visible beauty of this world.

God Himself is enamored with this divine beauty. He adorns such souls with infused virtues and the seven gifts of the Holy Ghost, imparting, at the same time, renewed strength and splendor to all her powers.

Moreover, God, in His boundless liberality, sends us the Holy Ghost Himself, whilst the three Divine Persons take up their abode in a soul thus prepared, in order to teach her to make a noble use of the riches with which she is endowed.

Like a good father, God not only leaves His inheritance to His children, but also sends them a prudent guardian to administer it. This guardian is no other than God Himself, for, as Christ has declared, “If any man love Me, he will keep My word, and My Father will love him, and We will come to him and will make Our abode with him.” [St. John xiv. 23.]

From these words the Doctors of the Church and theologians conclude that the Holy Spirit resides in a special manner in the soul of a just man, and, distinguishing between the Holy Spirit and His gifts, they declare that the soul not only enjoys these gifts but also the real presence of their Divine Author.

Entering such a soul, God transforms her into a magnificent temple. He Himself purifies, sanctifies, and adorns her, making her a fitting habitation for her Supreme Guest. Contrast this glorious state with the miserable condition of a soul in sin, the abode of evil spirits and of every abomination. [St. Matt. xii. 45.]

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