The change in our lives from our continuous justification should make us ever more grateful to God

March 26, 2022 • 1 min


From The Sinner’s Guide, page 64
By Venerable Louis of Granada

These are the graces comprehended in the inestimable benefit of justification, which St. Augustine justly ranks above that of creation. For God created the world by a single act of His will, but to redeem it He shed the last drop of His Blood and expired under the most grievous torments. St. Thomas gives a like opinion in his “Sum of Theology.”

Though it is true that no man can be certain of his justification, yet there are signs by which we can form a favorable judgment. The principal of these is a change of life; as, for example, when a man who without scruple hitherto committed innumerable mortal sins would not now be guilty of a single grave offence against God even to gain the whole world.

Let him, then, who has attained these happy dispositions reflect upon what he owes the Author of his justification, Who has delivered him from the multitude of evils which are the consequences of sin, and overwhelmed him with the benefits which we have attempted to explain. And as for him who has the misfortune to be still in a state of sin, I know nothing more efficacious to rouse him from his miserable condition than the consideration of the evils which sin brings in its train, and of the blessings which flow from the incomparable benefit of justification.

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