Reflecting on our death and judgement will help us avoid sin

April 4, 2022 • 2 min

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From The Sinner’s Guide, page 77
By Venerable Louis of Granada

The first of these is death. Let us, then, consider it, for it is a truth which of all others makes most impression upon us, from the fact that it is so undisputed and so frequently brought before our minds.

Especially do we realize this when we reflect on the particular judgment which each one must undergo as soon as his soul is separated from his body. The sentence then passed will be final; it will endure for all eternity.

Since, then, death is such a powerful motive to turn us from sin, let us bring this terrible hour more vividly before us.

Bear in mind, therefore, that you are a man and a Christian. As man, you must die; as a Christian, you must, immediately after death, render an account of your life. The first truth is manifest in our daily experience, and the second our faith will not permit us to doubt. No one, whether king or pope, is exempt from this terrible law.

A day will come of which you will not see the night, or a night which for you will have no morning. A time will come, and you know not whether it be this present day or to-morrow, when you who are now reading my words, in perfect health and in full possession of all your faculties, will find yourself stretched upon a bed of death, a lighted taper in your hand, awaiting the sentence pronounced against mankind—a sentence which admits neither delay nor appeal.

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