Mary’s love was greater than any angel’s or saint’s as much as the moon is bigger and brighter than any star

May 24, 2022 • 1 min

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From The Month of Mary According to the Spirit of St. Francis De Sales, page 201
By Don Caspar Gilli



We can begin to love God in this life, but it is only in the next that we shall be able to love Him perfectly. In the expression we I do not intend to speak of the Most Holy Virgin, because she is the Daughter of beautiful Love, the one only dove, the perfect Spouse. Yes; the charity of Mary surpassed that of the Seraphim. If all the daughters have gathered riches, thou hast surpassed them all.

The Saints and Angels are compared to stars, but Mary is beautiful as the moon, distinguished amidst the Saints as the moon amidst the stars. As her charity surpasses in heaven that of all the blessed, so did she exercise it with greater excellence on earth; for never having sinned, even venially, her love never met with any obstacle, and thus increased at every instant. What progress, then, must she not have made in the exercise of holy love?

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