The more we preserve our hearts for God, the more will he fill us with Divine Love and Grace

June 6, 2022 • 1 min

#Doctrine #Friendship #Humility #Love

From Imitation of Christ, in file "Imitation of Christ", page 247
By Thomas a Kempis

But he that attributes any thing of good to himself, stops the grace of God from coming into him; for the grace of the Holy Ghost ever seeks an humble heart.

If thou couldst perfectly annihilate thyself, and cast outfrom thyself all created love, then should I flow into thee with abundance of grace.

When thou lookest towards creatures, the sight of the Creator is withdrawn from thee.

Learn for the Creator’s sake, to overcome thyself in all things; and then thou shalt be able to attain to the knowledge of God.

How little soever it be, if a thing be inordinately loved and regarded, it keeps us back from the Sovereign Good, and conupts the soul.

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