The devil tries to frighten us into submission, but God will protect us

September 8, 2022 • 2 min

#Exhortation #Courage

From Imitation of Christ, in file "Imitation of Christ", page 148
By Thomas a Kempis

Know, that the old enemy strives by all means to hinder thy desire after good, and to divert thee from every devout exercise; namely, from the veneration of the saints, from the pious meditation of my passion: from the profitable remembrance of thy sins, from keeping a guard upon thy own heart, and from a firm purpose of advancing in virtue.

He suggests to thee many evil thoughts, that he may tire thee out, and fright thee; that he may withdraw thee from prayer, and the reading of devout books.

He is displeased with humble confession: and, if he could, he would cause thee to let communion alone.

Give no credit to him, value him not, although he often lay his deceitful snares in thy way.

Charge him with it, when he suggests wicked and unclean things: and say to him:

Be gone, unclean spirit; be ashamed miserable wretch; thou art very filthy indeed to suggest such things as these to me.

Depart from me, thou most wicked impostor; thou shalt have no share in me; but my Jesus will be with me as a valiant warrior, and thou shalt stand confounded.

I had rather die, and undergo any torment whatsoever, than consent to thee.

Be silent, I will hear no more of thee, although thou often strive to be troublesome to me.

The Lord is my light, and my salvation: whom shall I fear?

If whole armies should stand together against me, my heart shall not fear. The Lord is my helper, and my Redeemer, Ps. cvi.

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