A prayer of thanksgiving to God for his mercy

September 10, 2022 • 1 min

#Mercy #Prayer

From Imitation of Christ, in file "Imitation of Christ", page 141
By Thomas a Kempis

Chap. V.—Of the wonderful effect of divine love.

1. I Bless thee, O Heavenly Father, Father of my Lord Jesus Christ; because thou hast vouchsafed to be mindful of so poor a wretch as I am.

O Father of mercies, and God of all comfort, I give thanks to thee, who sometimes art pleased to cherish with thy consolations, me that am unworthy of any comfort.

I bless thee and glorify thee evermore, together with thy only begotten Son, and the Holy Ghost the Comforter, to all eternity.

O Lord God, my holy lover, when thou shalt come into my heart, all that is within me will be filled with joy.

Thou art my glory, and the joy of my heart:

Thou art my hope and my refuge in the day of my tribulation.

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