Prayer of praise and longing for the Eucharist

September 22, 2022 • 1 min

#BodyOfChrist #HolyCommunion #Prayer

From Imitation of Christ, in file "Imitation of Christ", page 331
By Thomas a Kempis

5. A wonderful thing it is, and worthy of faith, and exceeding all human understanding; that thou, O Lord, my God, true God, and true man, art contained whole and entire, under a small form of bread and wine, and without being consumed art eaten by the receiver.

Thou, the Lord of all things, who standest in need of no one, hast been pleased by this sacrament to dwell in us;

Preserve my heart and body without stain, that with a joyful and clean conscience I may be able often to celebrate thy sacred mysteries, and to receive for my eternal salvation what thou hast principally ordained and instituted for thy honour and perpetual remembrance.

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