Mystical City of God

By Venerable Mary of Agreda

Private revelation given around the 16th century, containing many hidden details of the lives of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph. Highly recommended by various Popes, and approved by the Spanish Inquisition. This life of Mary is extremely great for insight into the lives of Mary and Jesus. Starting at the beginning of time, it includes the events of the angels and the demons, tells how to attain sanctity, and gives mystical explanations of the Book of Revelations. Entirely told by Mary to a humble nun.

This 4-book set by Venerable Mary of Agreda is about the hidden life of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, given by private revelation. It was examined thoroughly by the Catholic Church, and has more approbations than anything else on this page, being recommended even by Popes.

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Mystical City of God - Conception
Mystical City of God - Incarnation
Mystical City of God - Transfixion
Mystical City of God - Coronation

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