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A Man For All Seasons (1988)



The last 7 years of the life of St. Thomas More, centering on the conflict between King Henry VIII and the Catholic Church, and how Thomas More got caught in the middle of it unwillingly, and how he tried to escape danger without disobeying his conscience.


Great movie, very witty, entertaining, and philosophical. This and the 1966 version are both great in different ways. See the review for that movie too, as it also mostly applies to this version.


  • King Henry yells a lot and can be scary or confusing for kids.
  • There is a depraved torture scene with Cromwell, Rich and a candle in the pub.
  • The jail scene is too emotional for young kids.
  • His breakdown in jail is out of character.
  • The execution would traumatize young kids.

The rest of it is family friendly.