Blessed Duns Scotus (2011)

Defender of the Immaculate Conception

Overview: Touches on some basic points of the life of Blessed John Duns Scotus, including his vocation, his conflicts with the local government, and his theological conflict with the university of Paris over the Immaculate Conception, which is the focus of the last half of this movie.

Review: Very inspiring and interesting movie about this saint. Very theological throughout. Has a love story intertwined which emphasizes the importance of discernment of vocation. Excellent score, really really great music throughout.

Caveats: One scene has bits of reenacted passion of the Christ interspersed, which starts off with the scourging. This scene is low-quality and not very scary for older viewers, but comes out of nowhere and can be startling for all, and confusing/scary for younger viewers. It starts when Scotus’s student William is discussing with him his confusion about the day’s lessons, about 20 minutes in.

“Got the best theme song in the world” - Samantha

“He must be removed from this university” - David quoting the movie