The Spiritual Combat

By Dom Lorenzo Scupoli

Highly recommended by St. Francis de Sales who read bits of it every day for almost 20 years, this book uncovers many finer points and subtle dangers of the spiritual life. With a specialty on conquering your vices, it gives five distinct methods. Quite structured.

Which edition should I get?

They’re both fine versions, almost identical. In a time when most English copies of this book were translated and printed by Anglicans, the Dornin and Haydock editions are the only two printed and published by Catholics, one in America and the other by an underground Catholic publisher in England.

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The Spiritual Combat (Dornin edition)
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The Spiritual Combat (Haydock edition)
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Why is this book free?

This book was written so long ago that it's now public domain; the copyright it had when printed is no longer in effect.

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