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Seven stories of being saved by the Rosary

3 min • Digitized on June 11, 2021

From The Glories of Mary, page 716
By St. Alphonsus Liguori

69.—The devout author of the book in honor of the most holy Rosary, entitled, “The Secret of every Grace,” relates that St. Vincent Ferrer once said to a man dying in despair: “Why will you ruin yourself when Jesus Christ wishes to eave you?” And he answered, that in spite of Christ he would be damned. The saint replied: “And you, in spite of yourself, shall be saved.” He began to recite the Rosary with the persons of the house, and behold, the sick man asked to make his confession, made it weeping, and then died.

70.—The same author also relates that a poor woman, who was buried by an earthquake under the ruins of a house, was found alive and uninjured, with her children in her arms, by some persons who were employed by a priest to remove the stones. When she was asked what devotion she had practised, she said she had never failed to say the Rosary and visit a chapel of the most holy Mary.

71.—He also relates that another woman who led a wicked life because she thought it the only means by which she could gain a livelihood, was counselled to recommend herself to Mary by saying the Rosary; she did so, and behold one night, the divine mother appeared and said to her: “Quit your sinful life: as for your support, trust in me, and I will think of that.” The next morning she went to confession, and Mary most holy provided for her wants.

72.—A person of impure life who had not the courage to quit his sins, began to say the Rosary, and was delivered from his vices.

73.—Another person who maintained a sinful friendship was seized with abhorrence of his sin by saying the Rosary. He yielded again to temptation, but by means of the Rosary finally freed himself from it.

74.—A good priest who was attending a woman on her death-bed, who bitterly hated her husband, not knowing by what means to convert her, withdrew to say the Rosary, and at the last moment that woman saw her sinfulness, repented, and forgave her husband.

75.—Finally, the same author relates, that once making a mission to the convicts in the galleys of Naples, he found some who obstinately refused to make their confession. He suggested to them that at least they should have themselves enrolled in the confraternity of the Rosary, and begin to recite it. They consented to do so, and they had no sooner recited one than they desired to make their confession, and did so, the first time for many years. These modern examples serve to revive our confidence in Mary, seeing that she is at the present time the same that she always has been towards those who have recourse to her.

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