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St. Paschal Baylon and the Eucharist

2 min • Digitized on July 2, 2021

From Blessed Sacrament Book, page n643
By Fr. Lasance

St. Paschal Baylon, Patron Saint of Eucharistic Associations

St. Paschal Baylon, whom Pope Leo XIII proclaimed in 1897 the patron of Eucharistic Congresses, was born on Easter or Paschal Sunday, in 1540, at Torre Hermosa, a little village of the old kingdom of Aragon, Spain. He was a simple lay-brother of the Franciscan Order, distinguished by an extraordinary devotion to the sacred mystery of the altar.

While still in the world he never suffered a day to pass without visiting, when possible, Jesus in the tabernacle, and later, as a Religious, he was accustomed to spend hours at the foot of the altar, where he was often raised from the ground in the fervor of his prayer.

On Whitsunday, 1592, the saint, with a peaceful smile upon his countenance, was called to his heavenly reward. On the occasion of his funeral, and after the saint’s interment, many miracles occurred which attested his uncommon devotion to the Blessed Sacrament.


St. Paschal teaches us never to suffer a day to pass without visiting Jesus in the narrow chamber where He, Whom heaven itself cannot contain, abides day and night for our sake.

Jesus, Whom now beneath a veil I see,
        May what I thirst for soon my portion be:

To see Thy face revealed, and find my rest
        In gazing on Thy glory manifest.

—Rhythm of St. Thomas.

As Paschal was watching his sheep on the mountainside he heard the consecration bell ring out from a church in the valley below, where the villagers were assembled for Mass. The saint fell on his knees, when suddenly there stood before him an angel of God, bearing in his hands the sacred Host, and offering it for his adoration.

Learn from this how pleasing to Jesus Christ are those who honor him in this great mystery of His love; and how to them especially this promise is fulfilled: “I will not leave you orphans, I will come unto you” (John xiv. 18)

“My delights are to be with the children of men” (Prov. viii. 31)

—“Miniature Lives of the Saints”

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