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The Holy Spirit brings us Understanding

1 min • Digitized on August 30, 2021

From Fountain of Living Water, page 205
By Rev. A. A. Lambing


The Holy Ghost brings us understanding.

We are naturally stupid. We easily get astray in our calculations. Our Lord complained of His Apostles on this score; He said, “O, ye slow of understanding.”

It is very difficult to make the human mind understand the truths of God; and it is the peculiar effect of the presence of the Holy Ghost in the soul to make these difficult things easy, to make these abstruse things plain.

Therefore it is that you find so much knowledge among Catholics who are otherwise uneducated.

The wisest man needs guidance. There are times when we do not see our way. There are problems and perplexities of conscience which envelop us in Cimmerian darkness, when conscience seems to be asleep, and stolid wisdom seals her lips.

It is on occasions like this that the Holy Ghost counsels us as to what is best, and enables us to see the right, like the clear ray of light athwart the darkened heavens.

— Fr. Phelan, The Gospel Applied to Our Times.

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