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Let us rejoice that we have Mary as our Queen

2 min • Digitized on September 21, 2021

From The Glories of Mary, page 511
By St. Alphonsus Liguori

Let us rejoice, then, with Mary, in the exalted throne to which God has elevated her in heaven.

And let us rejoice also for our own sake, since if our mother has ceased to be present with us, by ascending in glory to heaven, she has not ceased to be present with us in her affection. Nay, being there nearer and more united to God, she better knows our miseries, and therefore pities them more, and is better able to relieve us.

And wilt thou, as St. Peter Damian asks, oh blessed Virgin, because tbou hast been so exalted in heaven, be forgetful of us miserable creatures? No, may God preserve us from the thought; a heart so merciful cannot but pity our miseries which are so great. If the pity of Mary for us was so great when she lived upon earth, much greater, says St. Bonaventure, is it in heaven, where she reigns.

Meanwhile let us dedicate ourselves to the service of this queen, to honor and love her as much as we can; for she is not, as Richard of St. Lawrence says, like other rulers, who oppress their vassals with burdens and taxes, but our queen enriches her servants with graces, merits, and rewards.

And let us pray her with Guerric the Abbot: Oh mother of mercy, thou who sittest so near to God, queen of the world, upon a throne so sublime, satiate thyself with the glory of thy Jesus, and send to us thy servants the fragments that are left. Thou dost now enjoy the banquet of the Lord; we who are still on earth, like the dogs under the table, ask thy pity.

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