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On Considerations: the second part of the Meditation

1 min • Digitized on October 4, 2021

From Introduction to the Devout Life, page 54
By St. Francis de Sales


On Considerations: the second part of the Meditation.

After the exercise of the imagination, follows meditation, or the work of the understanding, which consists in nothing else but in framing one or more considerations in order to raise up our affections to God and heavenly things.

Hence it appears that meditation must not be confounded with any of those studious thoughts or serious reflections which have not the love of God or our spiritual welfare for their object, and which require learning and knowledge to dispute.

Having, then, as I have already said, confined your spirit within the bounds of the subject on which you desire to meditate, begin to form considerations on it, according to the models I have set before you in the foregoing meditations; and should you relish the fruits, or any of them, stop without going further, like the bees, who never quit the flower as long as they can suck any honey from it; but if, upon trial, you do not succeed according to your wishes, proceed to another consideration with a calm and tranquil mind, without hurrying yourself or fatiguing your soul.

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