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St. Thomas More foretelling the downfall of English Christendom

2 min • Digitized on October 8, 2021

From Life and Writings of Sir Thomas More, page 277
By Rev. T. E. Bridgett, C.S.S.R.

Roper tells us:

It fortuned, before the matter of the king’s matrimony brought in question, when I, in talk with Sir Thomas More, of a certain joy commended unto him the happy estate of this realm, that had so Catholic a prince that no heretic durst show his face, so virtuous and learned a clergy, so grave and sound a nobility, and so loving, obedient subjects, all in one faith agreeing together.

“Truth it is indeed, son Roper,” quoth he, and in all degrees and estates of the same went far beyond me in commendation thereof; “and yet, son Roper, I pray God,” said he, “that some of us, as high as we seem to sit upon the mountains, treading heretics under our feet like ants, live not the day that we would gladly be at league and composition with them, to let them have their churches quietly to themselves, so that they would be contented to let us have ours quietly to ourselves.”

After that I had told him many considerations why he had no cause to say so:

“Well,” said he, “I pray God, son Roper, some of us live not till that day,” showing me no reason why he should put any doubt therein.

To whom I said, “By my troth, sir, it is very desperately spoken” (that vile term, I cry God mercy, did I give him).

Who, by these words, perceiving me in a fume, said merrily unto me, “It shall not be so, it shall not be so.”

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