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The Sacred Heart of Jesus vindicates the innocent

1 min • Digitized on January 30, 2022

From The Sacred Heart, Anecdotes and Examples to Assist in Devotion, page 174
By Rev. Dr. Joseph Keller

56.—How Innocence comes to Light.

In 1881 my brother, who is a tradesman, innocently became mixed up with a fraudulent concern. The real culprit had run away before my brother was arrested, which caused the trial to be delayed.

My family were greatly distressed at the long imprisonment of my brother, as they feared it would kill him or ruin his health, and wrote asking my assistance.

I had immediate recourse to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, and to the immaculate heart of Mary, knowing that only they could assist me.

A short time after my brother wrote informing me that the real culprit had surrendered himself, and that the trial was about to take place. Very shortly afterward I received another letter from my brother, telling me he was acquitted.

I at once knelt down to thank the Sacred Heart, before whose statue I had, on the day of the trial, placed a lighted candle, and I also had a Mass of thanksgiving said next morning.

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