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That the Father and the Son are One Thing Together

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From The Dialogue of St. Catherine of Siena, page 148
By St. Catherine of Siena

Why Christ did not say “I will manifest My Father” but “I will manifest Myself”

Thou seest now how truly My Word spoke, when He said: “He who loves Me shall be one thing with Me.” Because, by following His doctrine with the affection of love, you are united with Him, and, being united with Him, you are united with Me, because We are one thing together.

And so it is that I manifest Myself to you, because We are one and the same thing together. Wherefore if My Truth said, “I will manifest Myself to you,” He said the truth, because, in manifesting Himself, He manifested Me, and, in manifesting Me, He manifested Himself.

But why did He not say, “I will manifest My Father to you”? For three reasons in particular.

First, because He wished to show that He and I are not separate from each other, on which account He also made the following reply to S. Philip, when he said to Him, “show us the Father, and it is enough for us.” My Word said, “Who sees Me sees the Father, and who sees the Father sees Me.

This He said because He was one thing with Me, and that which He had, He had from Me, I having nothing from Him; wherefore, again, He said to Judas, “My doctrine is not Mine, but My Father’s who sent Me,” because My Son proceeds from Me, not I from Him, though I with Him and He with Me are but one thing. For this reason He did not say “I will manifest the Father,” but “I will manifest Myself,” being one thing with the Father.

The second reason was because, in manifesting Himself to you, He did not present to you anything He had not received from Me, the Father. These words, then, mean, the Father has manifested Himself to Me, because I am one thing with Him, and I will manifest to you, by means of Myself, Me and Him.

The third reason was, because I, being invisible, could not be seen by you, until you should be separated from your bodies. Then, indeed, will you see Me, your God, and My Son, the Word, face to face.

From now until after the general Resurrection, when your humanity will be conformed with the humanity of the Eternal Word, according to what I told thee in the treatise of the Resurrection, you can see Me, with the eye of the intellect alone, for, as I am, you cannot see Me now.

Wherefore I veiled the Divine nature with your humanity, so that you might see Me through that medium. I, the Invisible, made Myself, as it were, visible by sending you the Word, My Son, veiled in the flesh of your humanity.

He manifested Me to you. Therefore it was that He did not say “I will manifest the Father to you,” but rather, “I will manifest Myself to you,” as if He should say, “According as My Father manifests Himself to Me, will I manifest Myself to you, for, in this manifestation of Himself He manifests Me.

Now therefore thou understandest why He did not say “I will manifest the Father to you.” Both, because such a vision is impossible for you, while yet in the mortal body, and because He is one thing with Me.

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