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If only we cooperate with God’s inspirations, our inevitable duties will be far easier

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From Parochial and Plain Sermons, in 8 volumes, in file "Parochial and Plain Sermons by St John Henry Newman Vol 1", page 110
By St. John Henry Newman

We have made His commands grievous to us: we must bear it; let us not attempt to explain them away because they are grievous.

We never can wash out the stains of sin. God may forgive, but the sin has had its work, and its memento is set up in the soul. God sees it there. Earnest obedience and prayer will gradually remove it.

Still, what miserable loss of time is it, in our brief life, to be merely undoing (as has become necessary) the evil which we have done, instead of going on to perfection!

If by God^s grace we shall be able in a measure to sanctify ourselves in spite of our former sins, yet how much more should we have attained, had we always been engaged in His service!

These are bitter and humbling thoughts, but they are good thoughts if they lead us to repentance. And this leads me to one more observation, with which I conclude.

If any one who hears me is at present moved by what I have said, and feels the remorse and shame of a bad conscience, and forms any sudden good resolution, let him take heed to follow it up at once by acting upon it.

I earnestly beseech him so to do. For this reason;— because if he does not, he is beginning a habit of inattention and insensibility. God moves us in order to make the beginning of duty easy. If we do not attend, He ceases to move us.

Any of you, my brethren, who will not take advantage of this considerate providence, if you will not turn to God now with a warm heart, you will hereafter be obliged to do so (if you do so at all) with a cold heart;— which is much harder. God keep you from this!

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