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St. Irenaeus even ascribes to Mary the title and office of the Holy Spirit, that of Paraclete

1 min • Digitized on May 1, 2023

From A Defense of the Teachings of Mary, page 39
By St. John Henry Newman

And, besides the run of the argument, which reminds the reader of St. Paul’s antithetical sentences in tracing the analogy between Adam’s work and our Lord’s work, it is well to observe the particular words under which the Blessed Virgin’s office is described.

Tertullian says that Mary “blotted out” Eve’s fault, and “brought back the female sex,” or “the human race, to salvation;” and St. Irenæus says that “by obedience she was the cause or occasion” (whatever was the original Greek word) “of salvation to herself and the whole human race;” that by her the human race is saved; that by her Eve’s complication is disentangled; and that she is Eve’s Advocate, or friend in need.

It is supposed by critics, Protestant as well as Catholic, that the Greek word for Advocate in the original was Paraclete; it should be borne in mind, then, when we are accused of giving our Lady the titles and offices of her Son, that St. Irenæus bestows on her the special Name and office proper to the Holy Ghost.

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